A mission-driven campus

The Redd on Salmon Street works to advance a more equitable, restorative, and delicious regional food system.

Spreading across two blocks in Portland’s historic Central Eastside, the Redd is an Ecotrust development designed to support local food enterprises, connect chefs, foodservice directors and entrepreneurs to independent farmers, ranchers and fishermen in the region, and help scale a robust food economy across the Pacific Northwest. The Redd is quickly becoming an integral part of an ecosystem of new ideas around food system reform.

Redd Mission

The mission of the Redd is to advance an equitable, restorative, and delicious regional food system. The Redd is founded on the belief that creative food producers can work in concert with farmers, ranchers, and fishermen to increase demand for regional food that is produced in a way that regenerates the soil, water, and air, while creating delicious, healthy food that is affordable and accessible to everyone. Exciting as it is imperative, increased collaboration between urban and rural producers is the way forward for a viable and resilient food system, and essential for the restoration of our soil, water, and farmlands.

Both a working hub for food entrepreneurs and a place for community to take part in shaping a new food economy, the Redd has been designed to:

Scaffold a transparent food system sourced from many small and mid-sized producers in the region.

Stimulate robust and fulfilling economic opportunity and jobs, both rural and urban.

Actively foster equity, diversity, and inclusion in the regional food system by helping to expand food access, supporting minority entrepreneurship, and cultivating a shared sense of place.

Advance the restoration of healthy soils, grasslands, rivers, and oceans through our facilities, our partnerships, and to conserve and restore the land, water, and biodiversity on which our food supply depends.

Cultivate a regional cuisine from a larder of what grows abundantly, healthfully, restoratively, and mouthwateringly here in the Pacific Northwest, in order to make local, seasonal eating the norm.

Create a platform for collective impact, meaningful collaboration, and critical conversations to advance food system reform.


Hard-working history

As a working hub for the regional food economy, the Redd honors the roots of our neighborhood’s rich, hard-working industrial history and serves as a platform for the community to take part in the evolution of the good food movement.