A working hub

The hub at Redd West is home to a vibrant community of food-based enterprises.

Redd West provides critical infrastructure—helping food entrepreneurs grow their business through scale-appropriate solutions for warehousing, storage, distribution, logistics, processing, and business development support. Our core community members include a plant-based commercial kitchen, a purveyor of pasture-based and wild meat and seafood, partners in growing the next generation of food system leaders, and bike-based distribution, warehousing, and cold-storage services.

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    B-Line Sustainable Urban Delivery
    B-Line is the missing link in the infrastructure of a sustainable city.
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    Carman Ranch
    Carman Ranch offers a range of products from producers in Eastern Oregon
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    Together with communities, FoodCorps serves to connect kids to healthy food in school.
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    The Powerhouse Cafe
    Support and brick-and-mortar space for minority-owned food businesses.
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    New Foods Kitchen
    A fully dedicated plant-based kitchen designed to support entrepreneurs.

An incredible community of food businesses utilize the services offered at Redd West. Whether they’re storing goods in our warehouse, processing goods in our commercial kitchen, or taking advantage of pedal-powered distribution, these entrepreneurs represent the best of what our region has to offer.

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