Main Hall

Over 8,000 square feet of soaring ceilings, original wood beams, and abundant natural light greet you in the Main Hall.

The Main Hall sets the scene for big, think-outside-the-box celebrations and convenings. An historic metal stamping press sits at the heart of the Main Hall, giving character to the beautiful space. Hosting a small dinner party or off-site meeting? The space can easily transform to an intimate location with the use of mobile walls. Garage doors open out to a covered patio, allowing for simultaneous use of both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Wind down after a jam-packed day of meetings by crafting cocktails in the Community Kitchen with one of Portland’s top mixologists. Want to master the art of making authentic Italian pasta? Looking to learn the technique for that perfect soup dumpling that bursts with rich flavor? The sky’s the limit for your private cooking class, happy hour, or special event.

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Main Hall Photo Gallery

DEY_8259 (Large) Deyla Huss Photography
100_72 Sally Painter Photography
Redd_Reveal_003 Photo by Sally Painter
DEY_8179 (Large) Deyla Huss Photography
Ecotrust_REDD_East_7317 Shawn Linehan photography
DEY_8159 (Large) Deyla Huss Photography
Connor Meyer Derby 3 Portland Derby - photo by Connor Meyer
EcotrustGala19-582 Andie Petkus
Redd_Reveal_122 Photo by Sally Painter
Redd Stamp detail 16 9 The historic metal stamp at the Redd
Vellora productions 2 Vellora Productions
Ecotrust_REDD_East_7342 Shawn Linehan photography
100_53 Sally Painter Photography
100_56 Sally Painter Photography
DEY_8254 (Large) Deyla Huss Photography
Redd_Reveal_042 Photo by Sally Painter
DEY_8174 (Large) Deyla Huss Photography
Redd_Reveal_136 Photo by Sally Painter
86 – 2019 Corks + Forks-Andrea Lonas Photography-prelim-095 Corks + Forks / Classic Wines Auction - Andrea Lonas Photography
Redd_Reveal_035 Photo by Sally Painter
vellora productions 1 Vellora Productions
100_57 Sally Painter Photography
DEY_8182 (Large) Deyla Huss Photography
2019 Negroni Social MIchael Ingram119 Negroni Social - photo by Michael Ingram
100_115 Sally Painter Photography
Connor Meyer Derby 1 Portland Derby - photo by Connor Meyer
EcotrustGala19-423 Andie Petkus
DEY_8256 (Large) Deyla Huss Photography
Redd site Vellora Productions
Connor Meyer Derby 2 Portland Derby - photo by Connor Meyer
148 – 2019 Corks + Forks-Andrea Lonas Photography-prelim-164 Corks + Forks / Classic Wines Auction - Andrea Lonas Photography
EcotrustGala19-561 Andie Petkus
DEY_8260 (Large) Deyla Huss Photography
DEY_8162 (Large) Deyla Huss Photography

Main Hall Floorplans

Seated event for 250

BANQUET FOR 250_2-01

Exhibit layout


Theater seating for 500


Main Hall Capacities


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